credit Willeke Machiels - Fitchd

credit Willeke Machiels - Fitchd

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The Food Line-up, a B-Corp-certified business caterer with a big focus on impact, likes looking for solutions that not only reduce plastic, but certainly also reduce waste.

'The collaboration started with a shared vision: to find a sustainable solution to reduce waste at events, without compromising on quality. We looked for a solution and Paardekooper had the best one. In May 2023, we launched a solution that offers a premium look and premium performance. Since then, we’ve saved almost 100,000 disposable containers and shown our chefs and customers that reusable not only looks good, but is also effective.’

Another important aspect for The Food Line-up is Paardekooper's experience with festivals, such as Into The Great Wide Open. We really approached this collaboration as partners, including all the questions and challenges.

In an ideal world, reusable products not only help reduce waste but are also made from recycled materials and the products can be recycled back to high quality at the end of their useful life. The event industry is rapidly evolving and is solution-oriented. Every event is a new opportunity to do things better or differently. And each time, we want to sell those solutions, and facts can sometimes be the deciding factor.

‘Paardekooper was the best partner for us because the assortment of their tableware best suits the type of events we do.
Not camping crockery, but premium quality and experience.’

Annemiek de Been
Product Manager The Food Line-up:

A circular collaboration