Much of our assortment is custom-made for our customers. Our account manager discusses the options with the customer, after which they choose which products to purchase. It is therefore the customer who ultimately determines the level of sustainability of the products. We feel it is our responsibility to educate customers as much as possible about the impact of products and ways to reduce this impact.

‘With our assortment classification, we not only involve our employees but also our customers in gradually making their packaging choices more sustainable.’

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'We are aiming for a more sustainable product assortment. It is therefore important to understand the level of sustainability of our products.'

With the assortment classification, we have developed a common language that provides insight into how the assortment of a division, product group or customer is doing. Last year, the assortment classification was updated with new insights and laws and regulations. We do this annually to ensure the tool is as up-to-date as possible.

The assortment classification is based on current Dutch legislation and guidelines. Factors like recyclability, certifications and recycled material all affect a product's performance in our assortment classification.

Susan van Kruijsbergen, Group Manager Sustainability:

Sustainable assortment classification