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Paardekooper takes a structured approach to making its organization, products and supply chain more sustainable. We believe that you cannot do this alone, but need each other to make progress. Together with our people, customers and partners, we accept the challenge and are initiating change in the world of packaging.

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the only course towards a more sustainable world

More sustainable packaging for everyone!

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Wondering how we are making the world of packaging more sustainable? Then read on.

‘For me, the planet is one of our most important stakeholders. By including it in our stakeholder analysis, I compel myself to contemplate the impact of every decision

Packaging is everywhere, and so are we. If one aims to instigate change, understanding the current circumstances is imperative. We possess knowledge of the interests, opportunities, and risks involved.

understanding MARKeTs

a new look at packaging

Paardekooper & the Koekfabriek
a lasting partnership

At the Koekfabriek, all the biscuits are baked by hand by very special bakers, people with few opportunities on the labour market. Because there is a higher risk of mistakes during packing, the Koekfabriek was looking for a box that would make packing as easy as possible for the bakers.

We are very proud that the Koekfabriek has been a customer for over 8 years.

Meetbare doelstellingen helpen ons vooruit

Measurable objectives help us make progress

This starts with gaining insight and setting goals so that all steps taken are in the right direction. In 2023, we have established the following objectives:

  • We are aiming for 95% of our paper to be FSC-certified by the end of 2025.

  • In 2025, 100% of our suppliers from high-risk countries should participate in BSCI or similar programs

  • In 2030, Paardekooper aims to have reduced its carbon emissions by 50% compared to 2022 levels.

  • In 2024, we will make the impact of our products in the value chain visible.


The Koekfabriek
a lasting partnership 

‘By 2030, Paardekooper aims to emit 50% less CO₂ compared to 2022.
In doing so, we are making our contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement.’

‘You must not underestimate the complexity of “quickly” transforming an entire industry. “Easy wins” might put you in the spotlight, but they won't substantially change the chain. Sustainability cannot and must not be rushed.’

Our ambition is to improve the sustainability of our organization and the packaging we supply wherever possible to minimize our product carbon footprint.

Five years ago Paardekooper set a new course: making packaging more sustainable through the whole chain.
With Lyanne Paardekooper joining the board of directors a new direction has been chosen that suits this time and generation.
From growth to greener.

Susan van Kruijsbergen:

Our impact is becoming increasingly insightful, through which we can work towards concrete measurable results, of which I am particularly proud!’

Although our first sustainability report last year lacked measurable results in several areas, it was extremely useful for providing insight and communicating our sustainability story. Both internally and externally.


‘Our role? Driver of sustainability in our industry.’

I believe in the power of connection and the influence we have on others. Together, we are stronger and make a difference. I would therefore like to thank all our colleagues, partners and associates who help us in our mission to achieve a more sustainable world.

In this sustainability report, we present the results we have achieved so far, but also show that there is still much work to be done. We are constantly evolving and continuing our role as a driver of sustainability in our industry.

Together, let's build a future where sustainability is not just a word, but a way of life.

Lyanne Paardekooper
CMO & fourth generation Paardekooper

  • The number of circular solutions we offer our customers has expanded significantly over the past year.

  • We require all our suppliers in high-risk countries to join BSCI or a similar platform.

Furthermore, we provide our customers with daily advice on how to make more sustainable choices. In this report, we showcase several examples and our experts explain how they inspire their customers to take the next step.

Ask us questions, engage with us and challenge us! This is the only way we can make progress together.

Susan van Kruijsbergen, 
Group Manager Sustainability

In 2022, our main focus was working on implementing our sustainability strategy and embedding it in the organization. In 2023, however, we took concrete steps and are now proudly presenting our progress.

Conducting the materiality analysis is an important step forward and forms the basis of this report. In dialogue with our stakeholders, we established six themes that are most important to Paardekooper. You can read more about this in the materiality analysis .

These six themes will guide us in the coming years, and enable us to take an important step towards a CSRD-proof report.

In addition, in this report you will read about the other steps we took in 2023 that had a positive impact:

Hier dan de link plaatsen naar het hoofdstuk over de materiele thema’s

  • Our organization’s carbon footprint has been further refined and a reduction plan was drawn up.

  • A growing number of colleagues have become skilled in assessing the sustainability of our products based on our assortment classification, allowing us to advise more and more clients based on this.

  • The Product Information Management system (PIM) has been implemented in the first division to help us manage our assortment even more actively and give us real-time access to data. Both for our own carbon footprint calculations and to make them available to customers.

  • The sustainability level of our products is now even easier to see via Power BI dashboards.

  • Our product teams actively focus on sourcing and offering more sustainable alternatives.

We therefore strive to find sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact on tomorrow's world. I may make conscious choices in my life every day, but I realize that I have much less impact as an individual than as an entrepreneur. So, together with our organization, I am taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable future.

We are proud of our initiatives like using solar panels, encouraging electric driving and making our buildings more sustainable. But at Paardekooper, we don't just look at our own organization's carbon footprint. The greatest impact we have as a company ultimately lies in making our packaging more sustainable. By critically analysing usage and materials, there are so many gains to be made. We offer our customers alternatives and inspire them to make more conscious choices, without pointing fingers. Our assortment classification enables customers to take the next, more sustainable step. Over the past year, we’ve taken further steps on our sustainability journey. A company of our size can only be successful if we focus on concrete steps, whether big or small. Even small steps eventually lead to far-reaching changes.

As a board member and great-granddaughter of the founder of Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group, I accept my responsibility for the planet and the generations to come, because, as a family business, we don't think in terms of years, but generations


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