‘We provide our clients with advice regarding the impact of legislation and regulations.’

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Our sustainability strategy RESPECT consists of 7 pillars. These pillars guide everything we do in terms of sustainability and our key ambition: making our product assortment more sustainable.


Besides making products sustainable, we also promote good and fair working conditions throughout the chain. In this way, we work on all aspects of sustainability


Every sustainability-related issue is different. Measurability is therefore an important condition for us. The overall environmental impact guides the choices we make. At The LCA Centre, we test many different materials for composition and environmental impact. This means we base our choices on facts rather than gut feeling or perception.


Our assortment classification is a tool we use to make our assortment measurably more sustainable. All products are divided into five categories, from 'phase out' (packaging that will no longer be allowed by law and regulations in the long term) to developing and offering packaging in a circular system


We communicate honestly about the impact of products and only make claims of lower environmental impact if we can back them up with data.


Change is not something you do alone. To become sustainable, the whole chain needs to work together. Paardekooper knows the chain, from the raw materials to the consumer who needs to recycle properly. By engaging with all parties, we are taking concrete steps towards improving sustainability at every link.


We closely monitor all the relevant laws and regulations so that we can develop alternatives and advise customers on how laws and regulations will affect them and what sustainable alternatives are available.


We encourage the transition from a linear to a circular economy. In doing so, we follow the 3R approach: we reduce the use of raw materials, maximize the reuse of products and components and recycle raw materials to the highest possible quality. 

RESPECT, the only course towards a more sustainable world