This 2023 sustainability report is divided into six themes, determined through a dual materiality analysis. In this analysis, we examined Paardekooper's impact on the environment and society as well as the sustainability risks and opportunities for Paardekooper

Materiality analysis
carried out to determine our guiding themes

What next?

the themes of this sustainability report

PAARDEKOOPER value chain

Engaged with our stakeholders...

Last year, we mapped out our stakeholders, describing how we engage with each target group and who in our organization is responsible for this.

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Sustainability report 2023

Chain collaboration as the key to sustainability

Paardekooper has been providing packaging solutions for 105 years. What started as a shop selling paper goods has now become a global player in packaging. Paardekooper produces, sells and distributes packaging and decoration materials in its own shops, online, through partners, and our organization. With over 21 shops, 10 offices in 7 countries and several online stores, we serve 600,00 customers a year worldwide.

Every day, around 800 employees working in our shops, logistics centres and offices are dedicated to providing this service.

Consumers, governments and the retail- and floriculture chain impose increasingly high demands on the use of packaging. We see collaborations within the chain as the key to meeting these demands. Without collaboration, we cannot close the material chain.

The themes were determined together with our stakeholders.
Desk research was conducted on trends, developments and challenges facing customers and similar businesses.