Additionally, PVC has a high environmental impact and for this reason is classified in the phase-out category. rPET tape has the same adhesive properties as other types of tape, but with a lower environmental impact. How a small product can make a big difference!

Achieve more with less

Together with our customer Wibra, we analysed the entire e-commerce packaging process and produced a new proposal based on our Packaging Cost Challenge (PCC).

This includes all costs of the total packaging process, taking into account sustainability requirements, efficient handling, logistics and the quality of the shipping packaging. Wibra chose plastic air bags made from at least 50% recycled material. The advantages compared with paper padding?

  • 90% weight reduction

  • 10 times less change of padding material

As a result, Wibra saves as much as 92% on material handling and 52% on costs.

Over the past year, we have further expanded our assortment of bagasse food packaging. 'Bagasse is an excellent choice if you choose more sustainable materials. When considering natural materials, the characteristics, applications, and ease of use of bagasse plates and containers are far superior’, says bagasse expert Nicole van Dinther.

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This is how we make the world of packaging more sustainable:

Over 10% material reduction in crate bags

In the food processing industry, food safety is paramount, because of this the use of recycled content is not always possible. Ecoliner crate bags are made from virgin polyethylene. Here, too, we were able to improve our sustainability by adapting the design. By removing the corners from the bags, we save over 10% in material. 

our bagasse expert Nicole van Dinther

‘Enjoying working on the transition to more sustainable materials.’

rPET tape with 85% recycled material

Tape is an indispensable and widely used tool in various industries. rPET tape is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) material and is made from plastic bottles. This makes it a more sustainable alternative to traditional tape made from non-recycled materials such as PVC..

Recy Clear

We had already launched Recy sleeves made from used flower and plant sleeves and stretch film collected at Dutch flower auctions. Last year, we introduced Recy Clear. These flower sleeves are transparent, so that flowers can be seen in all their splendour. It comes in two variants, made from 70% or 97% post-consumer recycled plastic waste.

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