The LCA Centre can determine the composition of materials using forensic instrumentation.

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For more than a decade, our independent scientific research agency founded by Dr Alan Campbell, The LCA Centre, has been the place where we test materials, conduct life cycle assessments and measure the impact of our packaging.

For the Horti division, The LCA Centre developed a comparative LCA for nine different flower sleeves, according to the applicable guidelines. Based on this peer-reviewed LCA, they also developed a tool that allows Paardekooper and its clients to compare different sizes and compositions to make informed decisions.

LCA tool for flower sleeves

When calculating environmental impact, The LCA Centre not only considers the recyclability of materials, but also whether a product is likely to be returned for recycling or reuse. This leads to the most realistic result possible. Through its studies, The LCA Centre fulfils a unique role in the development and use of packaging solutions. The LCA Centre not only discovers the truth, it also debunks misconceptions.

The most important part of a study is to gain insight into a material, also for compliance with tighter SUP legislation, for example, which allows informed choices to be made.

Debunking misconceptions

Besides the fact that packaging must comply with regulations and safety, companies also want to make claims about sustainability, composition and origin. Such claims are often based on producer and supplier input. However, manufacturers’ claims are not always correct. The entrepreneur and sometimes even the supplier do not always have the opportunity to verify the claim. The LCA Centre offers them a solution. It can use forensic instrumentation to determine composition, and uses this information to calculate the environmental impact. Details such as the production country and the mode of transport, affect the environmental impact. For example, the type of electricity used in the production country, the type of truck, or which country the raw materials come from. All these factors are taken into account.

The LCA Centre focuses on three main areas:

  • carrying out packaging LCA studies

  • providing packaging reverse engineering and technical advice

  • gaining forward regulatory insight

‘The world of packaging has changed considerably and packaging has become much more complex. A Life Cycle Assessment calculates the environmental impact of a material.’

Loek Waegemaekers,
packaging technologist:

Misleading claims

A look behind the scenes at The LCA Centre

'I come from a family with its roots in packaging. That makes me a second-generation packaging expert. In 1985, I completed my first packaging LCA study, and 20 years ago I predicted that the environment would become one of the main focal points in the world of packaging. Today, we can see that this is actually the case. The demand for product life cycle assessments is increasing dramatically.’ says Alan Campbell.