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Reusable shipping box
for Elis safety wear

‘The transition to circular packaging requires collaboration throughout the supply chain’

In 2022 Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group acquired an interest in CircularPET,
an organisation that specialises in circular soft-cup systems for public events.

Plastic Pact


‘By joining forces,
we can offer the events industry a viable circular solution. It is only by working together that we can reduce the problem of litter.’

Tim Appeldoorn

We participate in the CPA's mission to cut our logistic supply chain by 25% and reduce our CO2 footprint by 25%.

Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA)

OUR partners 

Green events


For maximum sustainability in the purchasing organisation
we collaborate with a number of initiatives in the areas of sustainability, packaging and environment.

We collaborated with bloomon to design a shipping box that eliminates the need for bubble wrap to protect the vase.

Customer stories: bloomon

Be inspired: let's work together

Together we have
a bigger impact 




We cannot make an impact alone. We need the whole supply chain to be involved. We commit to sustainable production and consumption by working with our partners to make our assortment demonstrably more sustainable and developing circular systems.